Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu: PDF, Lyrics, English Meaning

Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu

Are you searching for the Telugu version of Shri Hanuman Chalisa? Look no further, as we have got you covered. In this article, we will provide you with the complete lyrics of Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu along with the meaning of each verse.

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Shri Hanuman Chalisa is a devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is revered as a symbol of strength, courage, and devotion in Hinduism. The hymn consists of forty verses (chalisa in Hindi) that describe the qualities and deeds of Lord Hanuman.

It is believed that chanting the Shri Hanuman Chalisa can bring peace, prosperity, and happiness in one’s life. The hymn is also believed to have the power to ward off evil and negative energies.

What is Shri Hanuman Chalisa?

Shri Hanuman Chalisa is a Hindu devotional hymn dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is composed of forty verses, which describe the greatness and virtues of Lord Hanuman. The word ‘Chalisa’ means forty, and hence, the hymn is called ‘Hanuman Chalisa.’ It is widely believed that reciting Hanuman Chalisa regularly can help individuals overcome their fears and difficulties.

Explore the Telugu version of Shri Hanuman Chalisa with English meaning PDF for a deeper understanding of the prayer’s powerful verses.

శ్రీ గురు చరణ సరోజ రజ నిజమన ముకుర సుధారి |
వరణౌ రఘువర విమలయశ జో దాయక ఫలచారి ||
బుద్ధిహీన తనుజానికై సుమిరౌ పవన కుమార |
బల బుద్ధి విద్యా దేహు మోహి హరహు కలేశ వికార్ ||

Oh lotus feet of my guru, who brings forth the pure water washing my mind. Bestower of the boons, the ever pure one from the Raghu clan, Oh giver of the fruits of actions, I remember you O Hanuman, the son of the wind, who gives intelligence to the unintelligent and blesses with knowledge and strength, remove all my afflictions and impurities.

గోష్పదీకృత వారాశిం మశకీకృత రాక్షసమ్ |
రామాయణ మహామాలా రత్నం వందే అనిలాత్మజమ్ ||
యత్ర యత్ర రఘునాథ కీర్తనం తత్ర తత్ర కృతమస్తకాంజలిమ్ |
భాష్పవారి పరిపూర్ణ లోచనం మారుతిం నమత రాక్షసాంతకమ్ ||

Instead of considering someone as intelligence less, I remember Lord Hanuman. Please grant me strength, intelligence, and knowledge, as well as the cure for any physical ailments and mental imperfections.

జయ హనుమాన ఙ్ఞాన గుణ సాగర |
జయ కపీశ తిహు లోక ఉజాగర || 1 ||

Victory to Hanuman, the ocean of wisdom and virtues! Victory to the king of monkeys, who illuminates the three worlds!

రామదూత అతులిత బలధామా |
అంజని పుత్ర పవనసుత నామా || 2 ||

You are the messenger of Rama to Sita, the abode of incomparable power. You are also known by the names ‘Anjani Putra’ (Son of Anjana) and ‘Pavana Suta’ (Son of the Wind God).

మహావీర విక్రమ బజరంగీ |
కుమతి నివార సుమతి కే సంగీ ||3 ||

Oh mighty and valorous one, whose terrific deeds have made your body as strong as a diamond (or the weapon of God Indra), please cure my bad mind, oh companion of those with pure and good minds.

కంచన వరణ విరాజ సువేశా |
కానన కుండల కుంచిత కేశా || 4 ||

You are of golden color, shining in your beautiful attire. You have beautiful earrings in your ears and curly hair.

హాథవజ్ర ఔ ధ్వజా విరాజై |
కాంథే మూంజ జనేవూ సాజై || 5||

In your hand, the Vajrayudha (mace) and flag are shining. A sacred thread made of Munja grass adorns your shoulder

శంకర సువన కేసరీ నందన |
తేజ ప్రతాప మహాజగ వందన || 6 ||

Oh partial incarnation of Lord Shiva, giver of joy to King Kesari, your great majesty is revered by the whole world.

విద్యావాన గుణీ అతి చాతుర |
రామ కాజ కరివే కో ఆతుర || 7 ||

Oh learned one in all Vidyas, full of virtues and very clever, you are always eager to carry out Rama’s tasks.

ప్రభు చరిత్ర సునివే కో రసియా |
రామలఖన సీతా మన బసియా || 8||

You enjoy listening to Lord Rama’s story; Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita reside in your heart.

సూక్ష్మ రూపధరి సియహి దిఖావా |
వికట రూపధరి లంక జరావా || 9 ||

You assumed the smallest form to meet Sita, and the gigantic form to burn down Lanka.

భీమ రూపధరి అసుర సంహారే |
రామచంద్ర కే కాజ సంవారే || 10 ||

You assumed a terrible form and slew demons, making Lord Rama’s tasks easier.

లాయ సంజీవన లఖన జియాయే |
శ్రీ రఘువీర హరషి ఉరలాయే || 11 ||

You brought the Sanjeevini mountain to save Lakshmana’s life, and Lord Rama embraced you in joy.

రఘుపతి కీన్హీ బహుత బడాయీ |
తుమ మమ ప్రియ భరతహి సమ భాయీ || 12 |

Lord Rama praised you greatly, saying ‘You are dear to me like my brother Bharata’.

సహస వదన తుమ్హరో యశగావై |
అస కహి శ్రీపతి కంఠ లగావై || 13 ||

Saying ‘May the thousand-headed serpent Adishesha sing of your glory’, Lord Rama embraced you.

సనకాదిక బ్రహ్మాది మునీశా |
నారద శారద సహిత అహీశా || 14 ||

Sanaka, Brahma, and other royal sages, Narada, Saraswati, and Adishesha.

యమ కుబేర దిగపాల జహాఁ తే |
కవి కోవిద కహి సకే కహాఁ తే || 15 ||

Yama, Kubera, Dikpaalakas, poets, and singers – they cannot properly describe your greatness.

తుమ ఉపకార సుగ్రీవహి కీన్హా |
రామ మిలాయ రాజపద దీన్హా || 16 |

You helped Sugreeva and facilitated his friendship with Rama, which allowed him to regain his kingship.

తుమ్హరో మంత్ర విభీషణ మానా |
లంకేశ్వర భయే సబ జగ జానా || 17 ||

Vibhishana accepted your suggestion and became the king of Lanka because of your advice. The whole world knows this.

యుగ సహస్ర యోజన పర భానూ |
లీల్యో తాహి మధుర ఫల జానూ || 18 ||

You flew towards the sun, which is thousands of Yojanas away, thinking of it as a sweet fruit.

ప్రభు ముద్రికా మేలి ముఖ మాహీ |
జలధి లాంఘి గయే అచరజ నాహీ || 19 ||

Putting the ring of Rama in your mouth, you jumped and flew over the ocean to Lanka. There is no surprise in that.

దుర్గమ కాజ జగత కే జేతే |
సుగమ అనుగ్రహ తుమ్హరే తేతే || 20 |

All the difficult tasks in the world become easy with your grace.

రామ దుఆరే తుమ రఖవారే |
హోత న ఆఙ్ఞా బిను పైసారే || 21 ||

You are the doorkeeper of Rama’s court, and without your permission, nobody can enter Rama’s abode.

సబ సుఖ లహై తుమ్హారీ శరణా |
తుమ రక్షక కాహూ కో డర నా || 22 ||

All happiness stays with those who take refuge in you. You are the protector, so why be afraid?

ఆపన తేజ తుమ్హారో ఆపై |
తీనోఁ లోక హాంక తే కాంపై || 23 ||

Only you can restrain your powers. All three worlds tremble in fear.

భూత పిశాచ నికట నహి ఆవై |
మహవీర జబ నామ సునావై || 24 ||

Evil spirits and ghosts don’t come near when your name is heard, O great and courageous one.

నాసై రోగ హరై సబ పీరా |
జపత నిరంతర హనుమత వీరా || 25 ||

Diseases will end, and all pains will be gone, when a devotee continuously repeats the name of Hanuman the brave.

సంకట సేఁ హనుమాన ఛుడావై |
మన క్రమ వచన ధ్యాన జో లావై || 26 ||

Hanuman will release those from troubles who meditate upon him in their mind, actions, and words

సబ పర రామ తపస్వీ రాజా |
తినకే కాజ సకల తుమ సాజా || 27 ||

Rama is the king of all, he is the king of yogis. You manage all his tasks.” or “Whoever takes refuge in Rama, you will manage all their tasks.

ఔర మనోరధ జో కోయి లావై |
తాసు అమిత జీవన ఫల పావై || 28 ||

Those who offer their prayers and wishes to you with devotion, will be blessed with unlimited blessings and fulfillment of their desires.

చారో యుగ పరితాప తుమ్హారా |
హై పరసిద్ధ జగత ఉజియారా || 29 ||

Indeed, Hanuman’s glory is eternal and known throughout the ages. His devotion, strength, wisdom, and service to Lord Rama continue to inspire and guide people around the world. He is considered one of the greatest examples of devotion and selfless service in Hindu mythology, and his stories and teachings are treasured by millions. His greatness is beyond measure, and his light shines on, illuminating the hearts and minds of those who seek his guidance and blessings.

సాధు సంత కే తుమ రఖవారే |
అసుర నికందన రామ దులారే || 30 ||

You are the protector of sages and righteous people. You have slain demons and are dear to Rama.

అష్ఠసిద్ధి నవ నిధి కే దాతా |
అస వర దీన్హ జానకీ మాతా || 31 ||

Mother Sita granted you a boon to become the bestower of 8 Siddhis (supernatural powers) and 9 Nidhis (divine treasures)

There is a popular belief in Hindu mythology that Goddess Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, granted Hanuman a boon that made him the bestower of 8 Siddhis and 9 Nidhis. The 8 Siddhis are Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Ishita, and Vashita, which are supernatural powers that allow one to become very small, very big, very heavy, very light, to gain anything desired, to have control over everything, to have complete control over oneself, and to control others, respectively. The 9 Nidhis, on the other hand, are considered divine treasures that include Mahapadma, Padma, Shankha, Makara, Kachchapa, Mukunda, Kunda, Nila, and Kharva, which are believed to be filled with various kinds of wealth, including precious gems, pearls, and gold. These Siddhis and Nidhis are said to be available to those who worship Hanuman with devotion and sincerity.

రామ రసాయన తుమ్హారే పాసా |
సాద రహో రఘుపతి కే దాసా || 32 ||

You have the sweet devotion to Rama. May you always remain a devotee of Lord Rama.

తుమ్హరే భజన రామకో పావై |
జన్మ జన్మ కే దుఖ బిసరావై || 33 ||

Chanting your name brings us closer to Lord Rama and removes the sufferings of many lifetimes.

అంత కాల రఘువర పురజాయీ |
జహాఁ జన్మ హరిభక్త కహాయీ || 34 ||

He who sings of you, at the end of the life he attains to Lord Rama’s abode. Where he will be born as a Devotee of Lord Rama

That is a beautiful sentiment, and it highlights the importance of devotion and the power of Hanuman’s grace. However, it’s important to note that one’s spiritual journey and destination is a complex and multifaceted topic that cannot be reduced to a simple cause-and-effect relationship. Different spiritual traditions and belief systems may have different understandings of the afterlife and the path to liberation. It’s important to approach such topics with respect and sensitivity to diverse perspectives.

ఔర దేవతా చిత్త న ధరయీ |
హనుమత సేయి సర్వ సుఖ కరయీ || 35 ||

By serving Hanuman and not contemplating on other gods, one can attain all happiness.

సంకట కటై మిటై సబ పీరా |
జో సుమిరై హనుమత బల వీరా || 36 ||

Pains will be removed, all afflictions will be gone of who remembers Hanuman the mighty brave one

Hanuman is believed to have the power to alleviate pain and suffering of his devotees. By meditating on him and reciting his name, one can receive his blessings and find relief from their troubles. However, it is important to note that Hanuman is not a substitute for medical treatment and seeking professional help when needed is always recommended.

జై జై జై హనుమాన గోసాయీ |
కృపా కరో గురుదేవ కీ నాయీ || 37 ||

Victory to you O master of the senses. Show mercy on us like a Guru does

జో శత వార పాఠ కర కోయీ |
ఛూటహి బంది మహా సుఖ హోయీ || 38 ||

One who recites this 100 times, he will be released from all bondage and attain great happiness.

జో యహ పడై హనుమాన చాలీసా |
హోయ సిద్ధి సాఖీ గౌరీశా || 39 ||

One who recites the Hanuman Chalisa with devotion, achieves success with the blessings of Lord Shiva and Gauri

తులసీదాస సదా హరి చేరా |
కీజై నాథ హృదయ మహ డేరా || 40 ||

Tulsidas always worships Lord Hari, O Lord, reside in my heart forever.

పవన తనయ సంకట హరణ – మంగళ మూరతి రూప్ |
రామ లఖన సీతా సహిత – హృదయ బసహు సురభూప్ ||
సియావర రామచంద్రకీ జయ | పవనసుత హనుమానకీ జయ | బోలో భాయీ సబ సంతనకీ జయ |

O Son of Wind, the remover of all afflictions, the embodiment of auspiciousness! Reside in my heart along with Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Sita. Victory to Lord Rama, the consort of Sita, and Victory to Hanuman, the son of the wind! Let all the devotees be blessed with victory and joy!

The Significance of Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu

Shri Hanuman Chalisa has been translated into various languages, including Telugu. Telugu is one of the most widely spoken languages in India, and a large number of people recite Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu daily. The Telugu version of the Hanuman Chalisa has been widely popularized by the great saint and poet Tulsidas.

The Telugu version of Shri Hanuman Chalisa is a beautiful composition that retains the original meaning and essence of the hymn. It is widely believed that reciting the Telugu version of Hanuman Chalisa can help individuals overcome their problems and obstacles and achieve success in their endeavors.

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Here is complete forty verses of Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu for all the devotees of Lord Hanuman. You can read Hanuman Chalisa Hindi and also download complete Hanuman chalisa in Telugu PDF.

Hanuman chalisa Telugu PDF | Hanuman Chalisa Telugu Lyrics PDF Download


In conclusion, the Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu is a beautiful and sacred hymn that is revered by many devotees of Lord Hanuman. The lyrics of the Chalisa convey powerful messages of devotion, courage, and strength, and the melody has a soothing and calming effect on the mind and soul.

In this article, we have explored the meaning of each verse of the Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu, and we have provided a brief background on the significance of Lord Hanuman in Hindu mythology. By doing so, we hope to have provided valuable insights to readers who are seeking a deeper understanding of the Chalisa and its spiritual essence.

We also hope that this article will be a valuable resource for those who are looking to learn the Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu, and that it will inspire more people to incorporate this beautiful hymn into their daily prayers and meditation practices.

Remember, the Shri Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu is not just a song or a poem, but a sacred prayer that has the power to bring immense blessings and grace into our lives. May Lord Hanuman shower his divine blessings on all of us, and guide us on the path of righteousness and devotion.

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